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07-2016: Site No Longer Active

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Clothbound Recordings is my small business record label focused on releasing unique ambient music by myself or by others in beautiful book packaging that I personally create by hand.

I created the logo, the website (built on Wordpress), and all visual/product design elements.

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Clothbound Recordings is my pride and joy, despite its apparent low level of activity; it takes a huge amount of time to hand make 50+ books for each release and therefore sees very limited output.

To date, I have produced and published two releases on the label: 'Elegy for Seaweed,' a book containing two 3" music CDrs and poetry by German musician Nils Quak, and 'Small Gifts: Clothbound MMXII,' a folio-style book containing one 3" music CDr featuring winter music by a variety of artists across the globe.

It has enabled me to give back to the community; earlier this year, I was able to donate over $700 to the Portland Rescue Mission, thanks to the profits generated by the second Clothbound Recordings release.

Both releases sold out completely within mere days and were purchased by music aficionados around the world.

Clothbound Recordings is currently on unofficial hiatus.

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