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Visual Designer + Content Developer

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My name is Bryan Ruhe. I hold a BA in Digital Technology and Communication, and have the command of various software and hardware tools, creative thinking skills, artistic talent, and teamwork abilities that are required for turning concepts into design realities.

My background in coding (HTML, CSS, jQuery) and extensive use of Adobe software combined with my involvement in music and the fine arts make me a versatile and well-rounded individual. I have made use of my skills to complete a variety of client projects and to create successful brands and graphic identities including my artist persona ("Ruhe") and my personal record label, Clothbound Recordings.

I've had some education in architecture from Portland State University and have done a fair number of odd jobs - drafting work for a fire sprinkler company (T&L Communications) and for a flyfishing gear business (Backcast Outfitters).

So while the title "Visual Designer + Content Developer" may be accurate for my skillset per my BA degree, it hardly serves to adequately encompass the roles I could fill in your creative business.

I currently reside in Vancouver, Washington, about 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon.

My other interests include hybrid media, book binding, vinyl records, architecture, miniature modeling and painting, board games, hiking, and magnetic audio tape.

Click here to take a look at my resume and technical skills.

(I hand-coded this website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery)

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