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"Ruhe" is the artist/music identity I have created for my own music and fine arts works. It has since come to be an identity recognized by hundreds of individuals in numerous countries.

I created the logo, the website (built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery), and all the music and fine art.

Skills Involved:


The work I create as Ruhe, as well as the creation of the identity itself, combine all of my skills and talents. Multimedia design (both music and video used for live performance), branding, networking, web design, photography, fine arts skills, and more.

I have been able to work with a handful of multimedia publishers and record labels around the world and have had my music released in both digital and physical formats.

My fine art output as Ruhe has given me experience in the fine arts world, as I have had the opportunity in both past and future to feature my works in galleries.

All content © Bryan Ruhe

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